Who are we

Provider of Quality and Fun Personalised Community Based Opportunities and Activities

for People with Disabilities.


EQUALBASE is a Community Interest company working in the community, registered with Companies House in June 2014. All profits are used to develop programmes and activities which can be accessed by you.

Find out more about Community Interest Companies and how we are regulated by clicking here (This link takes you to a government site)



Alison Proctor and Tracey Rowe are the two Directors who manage and run EqualBase.


Alison and Tracey have over 20 years combined experience in working with adults with learning disabilities. Over the last 3 years they have managed a company called AppleTree (Cheadle) Ltd which supports 4 ladies living independently in their own home.

Alison is the Registered Manage and Tracey is the Nominated person. Through AppleTree (Cheadle) Ltd Alison and Tracey work towards agreed outcomes and insist on a person-centred approach throughout its service. AppleTree (Cheadle) Ltd is regulated by CQC (Care Quality Commission). Alison and Tracey work towards CQC regulations, standards and outcomes to ensure AppleTree (Cheadle) Ltd offeres the best quality service.


Both Alison and Tracey are qualified in working with Adults with learning disiabilities and hold relevant Health & Social Care certificates in:


Alison: Tracey:

IFLM - Business & Administration NVQ 3

Health and Social Care NVQ 2 -Health & Social Care NQV 3

-Team Leading Knowledge Lv 2




Both Alison and Tracey have level 2 qualifications in the following:

~ The Safe Mandling of Medicines

~ The Care and Management of Diabetes

~ Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care


Alison & Tracey complete lots of training on a yearly basis, here's just a few:

~SafeGuarding of Vulnerable Adults

~Mental Capacity

~Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

~Challeging Behaviour

~Diversity and Equality

Person Centred Care

~Health & Safety

~Fire Training


We are currently in the process of transforming and expanding the range of exciting and rewarding opportunities which are tailored to suite individuals needs and preferences. Everyone who accesses EQUALBASE is encouraged to do the things that they enjoy, working towards their chosen personal outcomes, to their capability, and also to experience something new and develop new skills. We will support and encourage each other and celebrate each other’s achievements. They will plan the sessions around the individuals agreed outcomes.


For more information on how EqualBase work with agreed outcomes click here.


In a safe environment, together we will learn, develop new skills, meet new friends, grow in confidence and continue to be valued members of the community.










We look forward to welcoming you at









07597 141495

EqualBase, Cheadle Community Hub, Community Interest Company. Registered in England and Wales number: 8860973