Provider of Quality and Fun Personalised Community Based Opportunities and Activities

for People with Disabilities.



What will you have to pay?



Day Opportunities:


EqualBase can provide additional support during the sessions, this will be arranged on a 1:3, staff to service user ratio.


The charges if you require additional support are:


One 2 hour session ~ £17.00


All day (10am-3pm) ~ £40.00


Extended day (9am-4pm) ~ £57.00




EqualBase can offer transport, although the places are limited. Venues are in a prime location of the local bus service and parking is available either at each of the venues or very close by.


If you require transport the following costs apply:


£2.00 per day in the Cheadle area, 40p per mile outside the Cheadle area.





If you are being supported to the sessions by a Carer or PA, or you do not need additional support the following charges apply.....



£4.50 - £5.00 per session. Please request an activity timetable which includes the costs.





How Will People Pay for Day Opportunities at EqualBase ?


We know that funding is a very important issue. Normally if someone wants to come to an activity session with EqualBase who needs additional support it is funded through an individual’s personal budget. An Individual personal budget is money that the Social Care and Health Department give to people to meet their identified needs. This can be paid by the Social Care and Health department directly or sometimes an individual can have Direct Payments and buy services themselves.


We know that sometimes the process of getting a personal budget to buy services can seem a bit complicated, but we can help to organise this and we can talk to the Social Care and Health Department if people have problems with funding their place at EqualBase.


If someone does not qualify for a personal budget they can pay for sessions themselves. Please contact us for details.


For more information on Direct Payments and Personalised Budgets click on the following clink:


This link will take you to Staffordshire Cares webpage.









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