Provider of Quality and Fun Personalised Community Based Opportunities and Activities

for People with Disabilities.


What are Outcomes?


Outcomes may differ from person to person but they should focus on the uniqueness of each person’s strengths, values, interests and hopes are what will determine the approach that is best for each individual, and is based on an understanding of the person.


Outcomes should focus on making an improvement to people’s lives – whether we call this ‘well-being’, ‘quality of life’ or ‘dignity’. This is likely to be expressed in terms of people being comfortable, safe and secure; being in control of their day to day lives; increasing or their maintaining independence; developing and maintaining fulfilling relationships; pursuing their own interests and exercising their rights.


Outcomes can enable the individual to feel more in control, be empowered, improve resilience, have better relationships with professionals, key elements of the person’s quality of life and wellbeing can be protected.


A particular person’s desired outcomes will be identified as early in their engagement with EqualBase as possible; they will be reviewed regularly and they will help shape everything that happens.


EqualBase have produced aims and objectives for each of their sessions to aim towards supporting the individual to work towards their own outcomes.










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